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Ayers Rock | Northern Territory

Experience the Outback and the magical landscapes of Uluru, also known as Ayers Rock. Known for its vast remoteness, its red sand dunes and captivating culture, many refer to the Red Centre as the heart of Australia. The iconic red rocks are full of history and legend. This is sight that most people recognise; be sure to take it all in in person.

Ayers Rock is about a five- to six-hour drive from Alice Springs, which is 1500 kilometres north from Adelaide or south from Darwin. The drive from Kata Tjuta to Uluru alone will take your breath away; the 36 rounded domes of Kata Tjuta are only 50 kilometres from Uluru. The horizon stretches on and on, interrupted only by sand ridges and desert oaks. There are plenty of stunningly rugged bushwalks around here as well.

Once you get to Uluru, be sure to see the spectacular sunset and sunrise; it is an unmissable Australian Outback experience. The entire sky changes colour to hues of pink and red, which can look like a reflection of the rocks and sand. And, if it rains, you will be able to see streams of water cascading down the sides of the rock. Choose to see this from the sunset viewing area, or as you walk around the trail at its base.

Opting to have a guided walk will allow you to learn about culture, geology and the natural environment surrounding the rock. The twelve-kilometre trail around the base will lead you from Mala Walk to the Kantju Gorge. You’ll see Aboriginal art, waterholes, and learn about the fascinating cultural importance to the Anangu people. If walking doesn’t sound feasible, you can choose a camel tour instead, or even a helicopter tour. Whichever way you choose to enjoy this experience, it is one you won’t soon forget.

There are campervan sites at Ayers Rock Resort if you would like to spend more than a day here. There are many free cultural tours, astronomers to star gaze with, as well as the famous Sounds of Silence outdoor buffet. Kings Canyon is only a three-hour drive from the resort and is also breathtaking.  You will love venturing around this very special part of Australia.



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