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Booking - Do I have to make a booking when I use the booking function on your website?

No, you have the choice of making a booking when you are ready or lodging a price enquiry with your preferred travel dates. If you lodge a price enquiry, you will be emailed a quote which will be valid for 7 days. You can convert your quote to a booking by clicking on the link in the emailed quotation. At this point, we will require a deposit to secure your booking.

Booking - If I receive a quote on your website, does this guarantee that a vehicle will be available

No, a quotation only saves the price of a campervan or motorhome for 7 days, this does not hold or guarantee a vehicle for you. We always recommend booking as soon as possible to avoid disappointment of missing out on your preferred vehicle.

Booking - What is included in the rental price?

When you hire a campervan or motorhome, we supply you with a fully equipped vehicle including all linen and bedding (i.e. sheets, pillows, doonas and towels), kitchen equipment, cutlery, outdoor camping table and chairs, and a GPS.

All government charges and taxes are included in the rental price. We also include unlimited kilometers with all Let’s Go hires, and all Campervans and Motorhomes are insured for damage to the vehicle itself or to the property of a Third Party. Please refer to our full Terms and Conditions for more info: https://www.letsgomotorhomes.com.au/cms_uploads/docs/lgm-terms-and-conditions.pdf

Booking - How many kilometres per day am I allowed to travel?

You can travel as many kilometres per day as you like as all Let’s Go hires include unlimited kilometres. However, we recommend you limit your daily driving to a safe level and spend time enjoying the places you stay on your journey.

Booking - Where can I collect/return my Campervan or Motorhome – Branch Locations?

We have 14 renting locations conveniently located throughout Australia. You can start/finish your self-drive adventure at any one of our Let’s Go Branches in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Darwin, Hobart, Canberra, Geelong, Cairns, Townsville, Broome, Gippsland and Coffs Harbour.

Booking - Can I view the campervans and/or motorhomes before I make a booking?

Yes - we have walk-through videos of our vehicle range available online, or you can make arrangements to view a campervan or motorhome at any of our Let’s Go Branches. We recommend that you contact the appropriate branch prior to visiting and confirm if the campervan or motorhome you’re interested in is at the branch for you to view. Branch locations and contact details can be found here:

Branch Locations


Booking - Can I add an extra driver? Are there any additional fees to add an extra driver?

Yes, you can add an extra driver to your booking. You are allowed to have 2 drivers on any booking, or up to 3 drivers are allowed if you have booked a 6 Berth Motorhome. No additional charges will be incurred for adding an extra driver.

Booking - What is your minimum hire period?

Our standard minimum rental period is 7 days. Shorter durations may be available upon application, though liability reduction packages may be restricted for shorter durations. Platinum may be made unavailable or charged at a higher premium for rentals that are less than 7 days. Minimum rental periods increase seasonally over peak periods and on some one-way rentals. You will be advised if any rules apply when you submit a price enquiry online.

Booking - How are rental (hire) days calculated?

All rentals are calculated per calendar day. The day of pick up is counted as day one of the rental, regardless of pick up time and the day of the Vehicle's return is counted as the final day of the rental.

Booking - What credit cards do you accept? Do you charge credit card fees?

We accept credit and debit cards that are Visa or Mastercard only, and do not charge any credit card fees.

Booking - What amount do I need to pay as a deposit to make a booking?

To reserve a campervan or motorhome you are required to pay a deposit at the time of booking. The deposit amount required to book  is AUD $500, or 10% of the total balance when the booking value is greater than AUD $5,000.

Booking - When do I have to pay the remaining balance on my hire?

To confirm your booking you will be asked to pay a deposit of AUD $500 or 10% of the total rental cost (whichever is greater). The balance of your rental and required liability deposit must then be paid prior to or upon collection of the vehicle (using visa or mastercard only, amex or cash not accepted). We cannot release any vehicle until full payment has been received.

Booking - What happens if I need to cancel my booking – are there cancellation fees?

If you need to cancel your booking the following terms will apply:

For all bookings made before 4 March 2021, OR made after 4 March 2021 and travelling after 1 October 2021:

  • If cancelled more than 60 days prior to pick up: No fee applicable
  • If cancelled from 60 to 30 days prior to pick up: AUD $100 fee will apply
  • If cancelled from 29 to 14 days prior to pick up: AUD $350 fee will apply
  • If cancelled from 13 to 1 days prior to pick up: AUD $500 fee or 50% of the Total Rental (whichever is greater) will apply
  • If cancelled on the day of pick up or a No Show: 100% of the Total Rental will apply, including any applicable One Way Fees.


Booking - Can I amend my booking once it’s been confirmed?

If you wish to amend your booking once it has been confirmed you must contact our Reservations Team (reservations@letsgomotorhomes.com or on +612 9875 3609) to confirm availability and process any changes - if possible. These changes may be subject to a AUD $50 amendment fee and additional fees may apply depending on the amendment requested.

Booking - Will I get a refund if I return early or pick up late?

There are no refunds provided for vehicles returned earlier or picked up later than indicated in the Booking Confirmation and/or Rental Agreement.

Booking - Am I able to extend my rental after I have picked up?

If you wish to extend your rental you must contact our Reservations Team to confirm the vehicle is available and obtain authorisation to extend. Additional daily rates will apply for the extra days, and payment will be required at the time the extension is requested and approved.

Booking - Can I change the drop off destination during my hire?

You must obtain authorisation from our Reservations Team for a change of drop-off destination after your rental has commenced. We cannot guarantee that any such authorisation will be granted. If authorisation is granted, you may be required to pay a repositioning fee (AUD $500 minimum) if we need to relocate the vehicle due to subsequent bookings.

Booking - Can I change the campervan that I originally booked?

You can change the campervan or motorhome booked subject to the availability of your preferred vehicle at the time of this request. When upgrading to a larger vehicle that is available, the difference in price is required to be paid. When downgrading, amendment fees are applicable and within 14 days of pick up you will not be entitled to any refund.

Booking - What are the one way fees for my rental?

One Way Fees apply to most One Way Rentals, as per below:

  • From Cairns to all other locations, a AU$249 one-way fee is applicable.
  • For allone way trip from/to Perth and Darwin, a AU$249 one-way fee is applicable.
  • A one way fee of AU$149 applies for all other one way travel between Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Coffs Harbour, Canberra, Bendigo, and/or Gippsland.

Booking - Are there any additional fees for picking up my campervan on a public holiday?

A public holiday surcharge of up to AUD $100 will apply for any pick up or return of a vehicle on a public holiday in the state or territory of rental. Please note however that all Let’s Go Motorhomes branches will be closed on any national public holidays, including but not limited to: New Years Day, Australia Day, ANZAC Day, Good Friday, Easter Sunday, Easter Monday, Christmas Day and Boxing Day.

Liability - What are the Liability Package options?

Let’s Go Motorhomes offers three Liability Packages for customers to choose from i.e. Bronze, Silver or Platinum.

The Bronze Liability package is included in the standard daily rental rate of the vehicle. The damage excess is AUD $5,000 with this option, meaning that you will be liable for up to AUD $5,000 in the event of an accident. A refundable liability deposit of AUD $5,000 is required to be paid by visa or mastercard upon collection of the vehicle. 

The Silver Liability package is an additional  $30 p/day (for all vehicles) to reduce the damage excess to AUD $2,500, meaning that you will be liable for up to AUD $2,500 in the event of an accident. A refundable liability deposit of AUD $2,500 is required to be paid by visa or mastercard upon collection of the vehicle with this option.

The Platinum Liability package is an additional $68p/day (for all vehicles) to reduce the damage excess to $750. For rentals that are for 7,8 or 9 days, Platinum package can be added in the booking for $119 p/day. A refundable liability deposit of AUD $750 is required, to be paid by visa or mastercard upon collection of the vehicle with this option. 

The Platinum Plus Liability package is an additional $78p/day (for all vehicles) to reduce the damage excess to $350. For rentals that are for 7,8 or 9 days, Platinum package can be added in the booking for $129 p/day. A refundable liability deposit of AUD $350 is required, to be paid by visa or mastercard upon collection of the vehicle with this option. 

For more information visit the following link: https://www.letsgomotorhomes.com.au/cms_uploads/docs/liability-reduction-packages.pdf

You should also read our full Terms and Conditions for more information on damage liability and what is covered: https://www.letsgomotorhomes.com.au/cms_uploads/docs/lgm-terms-and-conditions.pdf

Liability - Can I organise my own insurance?

Let’s Go Motorhomes does not sell travel insurance, we only provide comprehensive insurance for the vehicle itself. You may take out your own insurance, however you will still be required to pay the refundable liability deposit of AUD $5,000 associated with our standard bronze liability package. This will be refunded to you if there is no damage to the vehicle upon your return. If there is any damage to the vehicle however,  then any repair costs will be deducted from this liability deposit and you can then put a claim through your own insurer to recover the funds through them.

Liability - What is the Liability Deposit?

The Liability Deposit is related to the liability package that you have selected with your hire, and must be lodged upon the collection of your vehicle by Visa Card or MasterCard only. Customers must provide a valid credit or debit card to pay the Liability Deposit and the card holder must be present and able to sign for the Liability Deposit upon vehicle collection. Please note that the amount will be debited to the card provided. The Liability Deposits required are as follows:

(a) BRONZE PACKAGE Option: AUD $5,000 payable by visa/mastercard debit/credit card;

(b) SILVER PACKAGE Option: AUD $2,500 payable by visa/mastercard debit/credit card;

(c) PLATINUM PACKAGE Option: AUD $750 payable by visa/mastercard debit/credit card;

(d) PLATINUM PLUS PACKAGE Option: AUD $350 payable by visa/mastercard debit/credit card;

Liability - Is the Liability Deposit refundable?

The Liability Deposit is fully refundable to you provided that all amounts due under the Rental Contract have been paid, including toll road charges and refuelling costs;  the Vehicle has been returned to the Rental Location at the date and time set in the Rental Agreement; there is no Damage or Third Party Loss or missing items; the exterior and interior of the Vehicle are clean; and there has not been a Major Breach of the Rental Contract. 

All transactions are conducted in Australian dollars. Due to any exchange rate fluctuations, foreign currency transaction fees and international bank fees, there could be some variance between the amount initially debited against your credit card or debit card and the amount refunded. Let's Go Motorhomes cannot accept liability for any such variation or any interest charges incurred on such amounts and these fees (if any) are non refundable.

Driving - Do I need a special licence?

You do not require any special licence, all of our vehicles can be driven with a standard car licence. You must however have a full driver’s licence and no less than 12 months driving experience. Learner drivers and provisional or probationary licence holders are not allowed to drive the vehicle.

Driving - Can I hire the vehicle if my driver's licence has been issued outside of Australia?

Yes, you may use your own country’s driver’s licence as long as it is an unrestricted licence which has not been cancelled or revoked. Should your foreign licence be in a language other than English you must also provide a current international driving permit issued in the same country as the driver’s licence was issued or an accredited English translation.

Driving - What age do you have to be to drive a Let’s Go Motorhome?

Drivers must be 21 years of age or older to driver our vehicles.

Driving - Are there restrictions on where we can drive the campervan or motorhome?

The vehicle may be driven on any sealed road throughout Australia. Please be aware that our vehicles are not insured on unsealed roads. The only exceptions to this are well maintained access roads. For further information, please read our terms and conditions;

Vehicle - What is the age of your motorhomes and campervans?

We have one of the newest and the most modern fleet in the market.
Each year we add newer Jayco vehicles to our fleet and all the latest Jayco models are only available at Let's Go Motorhomes to rent.

Most of our vehicles are less than 4 years old however, age of the hired vehicle is never guaranteed.

Vehicle - How many passengers can your largest vehicle seat?

The Jayco 6 Berth Conquest Motorhome is our largest vehicle and can legally seat up to six people.

Vehicle - Can a baby seat or booster seat be fitted to the vehicle?

Children over the age of 7 years can travel in all Let's Go vehicles. Children under the age of 7 years will generally require some form of child restraint. We provide baby seats and booster seats for this purpose. Please see the baby seat or booster seat page for information on which vehicles these may be fitted to. https://www.letsgomotorhomes.com.au/services/motorhome-campervan-rental-baby-seat-hire

Vehicle - Can we bring our own baby seat or booster seat when we hire a campervan or motorhome?

Yes, however by law all child restraints must comply with current Australian/New Zealand Standards and must be labelled with an Australian Standards sticker for the standard AS/NZS 1754. No other child restraints are acceptable for use in Australia.

Vehicle - Can I hire a vehicle with automatic transmission?

All of our campervans and motorhomes come with automatic transmissions as standard (some have a clutchless manual feature). 

Vehicle - Do your vehicles come with awnings?

Yes. All of our vehicles are fitted with a roll out shade awning or canvas shade awning. Please refer to the specific vehicle pages for more information.

Vehicle - Can I hire bikes?

Yes, bikes and bike racks are available for hire with any Motorhome. These are a great way to get around and see places once you have set up your motorhome at your campsite.

(Availability is not guaranteed. Subject to availability at the time of vehicle collection).

Vehicle - Can I fit a portable cot in the vehicle?

Most portable cots do not fit in our vehicles. Overhead beds in our 6 Berth Motorhomes are fitted with child safety nets. Otherwise we recommend infants sleep in the lower convertible dinette to bed options if available.

Vehicle - Will my campervan or motorhome have a tow-bar or can one be fitted?

Our vehicles are are not equipped to tow.

Vehicle - Can we rent a generator or bring our own?

No, we do not supply generators with our campervans or motorhomes and do not recommend or allow generators to be used with our vehicles.

Vehicle - Do I need to stay at a powered site each night?

No, you do not always need to be connected to power. Most items within our campervans and motorhomes will be able to operate on either the 12V battery or gas. The exception is the AC, microwave and any powerpoints in the vehicles.
From a practical point of view, we recommend that you plug in to a powered site at least every second or third night. This will enable the auxiliary batteries to recharge

Vehicle - What works when my campervan is not connected to 240V power supply?

The Air Conditioner (AC), microwave and powerpoints will not work unless you are connected to 240V power supply. All other appliances within the vehicles will operate on either the 12V battery or gas.

Vehicle - How long will the battery last without power?

The length of time that the battery will last depends on a number of factors, including your usage of the lights, tv, and fridge. Vehicles are equipped with solar panels to assist with charging the house battery while stationary. Driving the vehicle for long durations will also recharge the battery. However, we recommend that you plug in to a powered site at least every second or third night.

Vehicle - Are your vehicles pet friendly - Can we bring our pet on holiday with us?

Explore Australia without having to leave your pets at home. We have select 2 Berth and 6 Berth Motorhomes to cater for your furry friends during your holiday. Pets are not permitted in all vehicles however, with the exception of assistance animals. To check availability, get a quote or make a booking for a pet friendly option, contact our reservations team on 1800 LETSGO (538 746) or reservations@letsgomotorhomes.com.

For more information visit: https://www.letsgomotorhomes.com.au/services/travel-with-your-pets

Vehicle - How long will the gas bottle last?

The gas bottle size equipped in each vehicle and gas operated appliances in these different models vary. Those with gas cooking, gas operated fridges, gas heating and hot water systems will use gas quicker than models with only gas cooking.

Vehicle - Where do I store my food which requires refrigeration?

All of our campervans and motorhomes are equipped with a fridge for you to store your refrigerated items. Some fridges (usually in the smaller vehicles) are two-way and operate on 240V or 12V battery. Other fridges (usually in the larger vehicles) are three way and run on 12V (only when driving) and 240v or gas when stationary.

Vehicle - What is the storage capacity in my campervan?

All our campervans and motorhomes have storage space available, the amount of space available varies between the different models. Please review the descriptions, specifications and internal images available on our website for the specific vehicle you are interested in to assist with this information.

Vehicle - What sort of luggage should I bring?

Our vehicles have plenty of storage which is best suited to soft luggage as this can be easily stored in the vehicle. Hard suitcases may be difficult to store.

Vehicle - Does the vehicle come with maps or guides?

Most of our vehicles either have built-in navigation systems or they support android auto/ apple carplay.
A GPS unit can be added to a booking, completely free of charge and will be provide upon request (subject to availability at the time of vehicle collection).

Vehicle - Does my vehicle have a BBQ?

No, many campgrounds and national parks throughout Australia provide BBQs for free or at a low cost. In the past, customers have found these facilities more convenient than storing a BBQ in the vehicle.

Vehicle - Where do I empty the toilet?

Toilets are to be emptied into dump points. These are usually located within campsites, caravan parks or you may find designated dump points in RV friendly towns.

Collection - Do all drivers need to be there on pick up of the campervan or motorhome?

Yes, all authorised drivers are required to be present upon collection of the vehicle. Each driver must also present their full, valid driver’s licence (photo copies are not accepted) at pick up and all drivers are required to sign the rental agreement.

Collection - What time can I arrive to collect my campervan?

You can only make arrangements to collect your campervan or motorhome within our branch operating hours. Branches are open on Monday to Friday between 8.30am and 3.00pm. Branches are also open on weekends and state public holidays by appointment only - generally between the hours of 9.00am and 1.00pm. Any customers due to collect on a weekend or public holiday must contact the appropriate Branch at least 48 hours in advance to schedule an appointment.

Collection - What should I expect upon Collection? How long should I allow for pick-up?

We recommend that you allow an hour for the vehicle collection process. Our Let’s Go Staff will check all driver’s details and travel information is correctly entered into our system, process any outstanding payments and run through your Rental Agreement Terms and Conditions with you. We also carry out a Vehicle Induction covering the external and internal features and operations of the vehicle, so that you are prepared for your holiday.

To save time you can complete the self check-in prior to arrival. This allows you to enter all driver details in advance, so our branch staff can process your rental quickly and allow you to get on the road with minimal wait time.

Collection - Can we leave/collect our vehicles from the airport? Can you deliver the vehicle to us?

All campervans and motorhomes must be collected and returned from/to a Let’s Go branch, as confirmed on your booking and stated in the rental agreement.

Return - When do I need to return my campervan/motorhome?

You must return your campervan or motorhome within our branch operating hours on the date agreed in your rental contract. Branches are open on Monday to Friday between 8.30am and 3.00pm. Branches are also open on weekends and state public holidays by appointment only - generally between the hours of 9.00am and 1.00pm. Any customers due to return on a weekend or public holiday must contact the appropriate Branch at least 48 hours in advance to schedule an appointment.

Return - Do I have to return my campervan with the gas bottle and fuel tank full?

Yes, you must ensure your fuel tank is full before you return your campervan or motorhome. The LPG bottle must also be full upon return, unless you have already purchased the prepaid gas bottle refill option or our Platinum Liability package prior to travel, then you can just bring the LPG bottle back empty! Additional charges will apply if this hasn’t been done and you have not already purchased these options.

Return - Do I have to empty the waste water and toilet?

Yes, please ensure that the toilet and grey water tank are emptied at an authorised dump point prior to returning your campervan. If not, you will be in breach of your rental agreement and additional charges will apply.

Return - What do we need to do prior to returning our campervan?

Prior to returning your campervan or motorhome to our branch, you must ensure that the vehicle does look clean and tidy. We kindly ask you to ensure that all rubbish is removed from the vehicle, the floor has been swept, the waste water and toilet have been emptied. Please remember that smoking and pets are not permitted in the vehicle. If your hired campervan or motorhome is not returned in a respectable condition we may charge you a cleaning fee. 

Travelling - Do you provide assistance while we are out on the road?

Yes. All of our vehicles are covered by a 24-hour roadside assistance service where mechanical service is required. You will also have access to an assistance hotline staffed by the Let’s Go team where you require information or help with your motorhome’s features.

Travelling - What do I do if I have an accident in my campervan or motorhome?

If you are involved in an accident during your hire, you must report the accident to our Customer Support Team as soon as possible on 1800 538 746 (Press “3”) - you must do this within 24 hours of the accident occurring. You will also be required to complete and provide us with a detailed accident report form.

At the scene of the accident you must ensure you collect the names, addresses, telephone numbers, and drivers licences of any third parties, contact details of any witnesses, registration numbers of all vehicles involved, and take as many photos as is reasonable to show the damages, positioning of vehicles, any street signs as necessary, and registrations involved. You must not accept blame or insist that any other party is at fault.

The accident must also be reported to the police if any person is injured, a third party has failed to stop or leaves the scene of the accident without providing necessary details, or if a third party involved appears to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Travelling - What if my vehicle needs repairs?

If your campervan or motorhome requires any repairs or tyre replacement you must contact our Customer Support Team immediately on 1800 538 746 (Press “3”) and seek authorisation prior to any repair work proceeding. You must not arrange or undertake any repairs without our authority except to the extent that repairs are necessary to prevent further damage to the Vehicle or to other property.

Travelling - Do I need to stay in a caravan park every night?

One of the great features of our motorhomes is that you have the freedom to stay where you like, as long as it is safe and legal. There are some areas of Australia where you may not camp and these areas are well signposted. Fines do apply for breaches.

From a practical point of view, we recommend that you plug in to a powered site at least every second or third night. This will enable the auxiliary batteries to recharge.

Travelling - Where can I stay if I’m not staying in a caravan park?

National parks and designated roadside rest areas are a great low cost alternative to caravan parks. We advise to check with the local government authority before staying on the side of the road.

Travelling - Do I have to book campgrounds in advance of our arrival?

We recommend that you book campgrounds in advance if you are travelling during peak periods such as school holidays, Christmas and New Year’s, public holidays and long weekends to avoid disappointment.



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