Top 10 must-see places in Australia


Australia is full of beautiful destinations, and with international travel off the cards for the time being, there has been no better time to explore all that our incredible country has to offer. From sprawling mountain ranges and national parks to almost untouched beaches and outback spaces, the options are endless.


To help inspire your next self-drive holiday, we’ve handpicked 10 of the top ‘must-see’ destinations right across the country. Time to add them to your bucket list and start exploring!


Kakadu National Park, Northern Territory

Less than 2 hours away from our Darwin branch is the stunning Kakadu National Park. Covering almost 20,000 square kilometres, Kakadu is a World Heritage Listed site and is well known for its rich culture and remarkable natural sights. It is home to more than 5,000 Aboriginal art sites, as well as some of the most incredible water holes, plunge pools and gorges including Twin Falls gorge, Maguk and Gunlom Plunge Pool, making it a must see when it comes to bucket list destinations. There are a range of campsites within the park, including Cooinda Lodge Resort and Anbinik Kakadu Resort campground.


Uluru, Northern Territory

What would a ‘must-see’ list be without Uluru? Also known as the ‘Red Centre’ Uluru is one of the greatest wonders of the world. Standing at just under 350 metres tall, the area is a deeply spiritual one, making it an unforgettable location to experience. While at Uluru, take the opportunity to stroll around the 10 km base walk whilst taking in the impressive and ancient culture. Don’t forget to visit the equally amazing Kata Tjuta which is just 50 kilometres from Uluru. Meaning ‘many heads’ it is an Anangu men’s site and is filled with many cultural experiences. Uluru is located almost halfway between our Adelaide and Darwin branches, making it the perfect stop on a road trip, or the end destination on a round trip.



Kangaroo Island, South Australia

Just off mainland South Australia, Kangaroo Island is described as ‘nature’s wonderland’, and doesn’t it deliver! Over a third of the island is protected in nature reserves, making it a true sanctuary. Featuring sprawling bushland, crystal clear waters and unique wildlife, the island is a must visit if you would like to reconnect with nature. Some of Kangaroo Island’s natural attractions include Remarkable Rocks, Stokes Bay, Admirals Arch and Emu Bay. It is an easy road trip from Adelaide – just pick up your van from our Adelaide branch and head two hours down the Fleurieu Peninsula, and then hop on the ferry.


Ningaloo Reef, Western Australia

If you’re looking to experience the clearest turquoise water on Earth, you cannot go past the World Heritage listed Ningaloo Reef. The Ningaloo Reef is the world’s largest fringing reef and stretches 300 km along the WA coastline. Ningaloo is home to some incredible wildlife like humpback whales, whale sharks, manta rays and turtles. Tick swimming with sharks off your to do list here! You can also experience the stunning Cape Range National Park. If you want to make the most of Ningaloo Reef, we recommend staying in the coastal towns of Exmouth or Coral Bay. Looking to see the Ningaloo Reef for yourself? We can help. Book a Let’s Go from our Perth branch and experience all the Reef has to offer.


Great Barrier Reef, Queensland

Without a doubt, the Great Barrier Reef is one of Australia’s most impressive places. The over 2,300-kilometre-long reef is the largest coral reef system in the world and is something everyone should experience at least once in their lives, making it a must see on your next Queensland road trip. Whether you want to swim with the turtles, scuba dive, snorkel around the Reef or take a cruise along Michaelmans Cay, there are so many ways to see it. Ready for a Queensland road trip? Why not pick up your Let’s Go in Cairns and drop it off in Brisbane?


Fraser Island, Queensland
Just off the eastern Queensland coast is Fraser Island, the world’s largest sand island. It is also the only known place on Earth where rainforests grow on sand dunes, which makes it a bucket list destination. When it comes to things to do and see on the island, you’ll be absolutely spoilt for choice. Not only can you make the most of the incredible beaches, you can also experience the famous rainforests, go swimming with whales and paddle in the beautiful freshwater lakes. The closest branch to Fraser Island is Brisbane – we recommend basing yourself in Hervey Bay or Rainbow Beach and taking a day trip to Fraser Island using the passenger ferry.


Great Ocean Road, Victoria

Australia is well known for its scenic coastal drives, and almost none are more popular than the Great Ocean Road in Victoria. With views of the Antarctic Ocean, the 243-kilometre-long Great Ocean Road winds through quaint coastal towns and small regional hubs, and offers some of the most incredible natural sights known to man. Some of the must-sees?  We recommend the 12 Apostles, the Great Otway National Park, Bells Beach, and the Loch Ard Gorge. Make travelling the Great Ocean Road a breeze by simply booking a vehicle from our Melbourne or Bendigo branch.


Mallacoota, Victoria

Located just over two hours away from our Gippsland branch, Mallacoota is one of Victoria’s most beautiful coastal towns. Right near the Victoria/New South Wales border, Mallacoota is set on the mouth of the famous Mallacoota Inlet. It also backs onto the Croajingolong National Park, giving you a huge range of activities to enjoy. As a commercial fishing town, Mallacoota well known for its excellent fishing spots – perfect for all skill levels. It also gives you great access to epic hikes and walks like the Thurra River Dunes Walk and the Wingan Inlet to the Fly Cove trail. If you’re an experienced hiker, you can’t go past the Wilderness Coast Walk. This 3-4-day trek showcases the stunning scenery from the National Park as well as the coastline.


Jervis Bay, New South Wales

Located just over three hours south of Sydney, Jervis Bay is a beautiful seaside village that boasts some of the whitest sand in Australia. It is also home to the Jervis Bay Marine Park, which is packed full of spectacular wildlife like fairy penguins, dolphins, and whales. When it comes to stunning beaches, Jervis Bay is the place to be. Including the popular Hyams Beach, there are several other incredible (and sometimes secluded) beaches to enjoy. Some notable ones are Murrays, Greenfields, Cave Beach and Honeymoon Bay.

Broken Hill, New South Wales

As Australia’s oldest mining town, Broken Hill is full of impressive history that dates back to the 1880’s. It is also home to the iconic Palace Hotel which is where the cult Aussie movie The Adventures of Priscila, Queen of the Desert was filmed. While the sprawling desert and dusty earth might not be everyone’s cup of tea, it is worth a trip to learn about the history of the town, including its expansive art scene. A trip to the Broken Hill area is not complete without a visit to Day Dream Mine. Located 30 kms from Broken Hill, you can experience what life was like as a miner.


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Image Credit: Tourism Australia