Top tips for travelling in a motorhome with babies and toddlers

There’s no greater experience than travelling around Australia with your little ones in a motorhome. Travelling has so many benefits for babies and toddlers; it opens their mind, strengthens family bonds, promotes socialisation, and teaches them a lot about the world. Regardless of age, you can adapt your trip to accommodate for the little ones whilst ticking off your bucket list travel destinations.

Our motorhomes are equipped with the comforts of home to ensure your family adventure is as smooth and seamless as possible. However, you will need to keep a few things in mind to get the most out of the journey. In this blog, we’ve outlined our top tips for travelling in a motorhome with babies and toddlers.


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How far in advance should I book? 

We recommend giving yourself enough time to plan your route and travel itinerary and ensure you are fully equipped for the journey. This varies from family to family; however, our Early Bird offers might make your decision easier. If you book your motorhome 45 days in advance, you can score 5% off the entire cost. Booking 90+ days in advance will allow you to make the most of our Extra Early Bird offer and get 10% off.

When booking your campsites, it’s better to look for powered ones with family friendly facilities. Campsites closer to towns will make your life easier and give you peace of mind if you need to access supermarkets or pharmacies. Travelling during off-seasons may give you some added flexibility when it comes to booking your campsites. You’ll also get a lot more space and freedom to enjoy your time with the little ones.


What should I pack?

Although our motorhomes come with a wide range of amenities, you will need to pack the essentials for the kiddos. Along with their travel gear, we recommend bringing a sturdy pram with extra storage, sleeping bags, kids’ cutlery and chairs, backpacks and carriers, toys, and beach gear.

Allocating a small tub for each child to pack their favourite books and toys will ensure they get to bring familiar items without creating excess clutter. Make sure to pack extra formula, nappies and infant Panadol as some smaller towns may not stock these items. Wipes, nappies, towels, and a sick bag are also handy to keep in the vehicle.

Additional tip: packing a few new toys or books will surprise and excite your children on long drives and may help keep them occupied for a little longer.


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Are there any driving or safety recommendations?

An appropriate car seat is essential for your kids’ safety. You must bring an approved child restraint to make sure the little ones are secure while you’re on the road.

Take regular driving breaks every 2 hours or so and make stops at playgrounds or parks for a stretch and some fun.

We recommend not travelling after dusk and planning ahead to ensure you’re at a campground by late afternoon. Make sure you carry sunscreen and insect repellent as these are not always easily accessible.


Stick to a routine

Although this may be a little difficult to do on the road, we recommend keeping the little ones on a schedule. Try to keep things like their nap times, mealtimes, and nighttime routine consistent so that they get the rest they need and avoid any grumpy outbursts. Sticking to a routine will also make them feel more at home and comforted by the familiarity of their daily schedule.


What activities should I plan for the drive?

If you’re travelling in the car for several hours, keep the little ones occupied with drawing and colouring activities, books, toys, plenty of snacks and of course a trusty iPad. The ABC listen app is a great tool to download stories and podcasts in advance.


What types of adventures are best suited for a family with babies and toddlers?

You can experience the beach, city, country, outback, mountains and so much more when travelling around Australia with your baby or toddler. Coastal adventures are perfect for warmer weather and hiking is also a great way to open their eyes to nature and the great outdoors. As long as you’re adequately prepared, you will have a blast exploring Australia with the little ones.


What is the best thing about travelling with younger kids? 

Kids are constantly learning and growing, and this experience contributes to that. They will get to socialise and make friends, learn about different environments, and it will be a great family bonding experience for them. An additional bonus is that travelling at a slower pace on toddler time will allow you to thoroughly enjoy every single experience.

We hope these tips help you make the most of your motorhome trip with the little ones.

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