Why March is an ideal time for a quick getaway

We believe some of the best memories are made on a last-minute adventure. It allows those who are less patient to get excited knowing that their holiday is right around the corner. March is a quieter period where many towns and campsites will have less crowds and more availability. In this blog, we’ve outlined several reasons we recommend a self-drive holiday this month.

Explore a new region

It’s the best time to experience a new region in Australia. With many towns receiving less visitors during this time, you’ll be able to truly explore and enjoy the area without excessive wait times and traffic. Better yet, you can visit less popular spots that you’ve always wanted to explore and truly immerse yourself in all the natural wonders they offer. If you’re someone who likes a quieter holiday, this is the best time for you. Enjoy delicious regional cuisine, explore historical sites, hike through beautiful trails, or get your adventure on with water activities. Whatever it may be, you’ll be able to enjoy your journey without worrying about places being fully booked.

If you need a helping hand choosing your locations, we have some great itineraries here.

Castle Rock, WA via Tourism Australia














Motorhomes and campervans are a safe way to travel

If you’re looking for a way to avoid the masses and travel safely, then hiring a motorhome or campervan is your best bet. These vehicles have all the amenities you need and allow you to travel efficiently and safely. Avoiding crowds will ensure you have a seamless and safe adventure.

Try a new experience in a Jayco vehicle

If you’ve never holidayed in a campervan or a motorhome, then hiring one during March will allow you to experience one at your own pace. You can make as many stops as you like along your route and enjoy many different regions that are much quieter right now. All our motorhomes and campervans are manufactured by Jayco, Australia’s leading manufacturer of recreational vehicles. They are the best in class for safety and construction, so you can travel with confidence knowing you’re backed by the best.


Accommodation and transport all in one

Holidays usually mean you need to book transport and a place to stay. If you opt to take a flight, you’ll also have to consider hiring a car to explore. This requires a lot of budgeting and planning, but also takes away your freedom to roam freely and explore. Motorhomes and campervans are an all-in-one transport and accommodation option. Once you book yours in, all you’ll need to worry about is your route and activities. They also make exploration and roaming a lot easier, so you don’t have to stay in one spot for too long.

Holiday with family and friends

Nothing beats the memories you make on a road trip with your loved ones. Whether it’s enjoying an activity together, sharing a delicious meal, or sitting around a campfire at night, these are memories you will cherish forever. Holidaying in March means you can focus on enjoying more time with your nearest and dearest. It will allow you to tick more activities off your list and experience everything a region has to offer.

Whether you’re after the convenience of a motorhome holiday or you want to try something new, we think now is the best time for a quick getaway. Enjoy the weather and avoid crowds whilst benefiting from the safety and reliability of a Jayco motorhome or campervan.

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Images sourced via Tourism Australia.