Marion Bay – Things To Do

Marion Bay

Situated about 300kms from Adelaide, Marion Bay is the gateway to Innes National Park. Here you will find some of the truly great beaches in Australia, pure clean sand and crystal clear waters.

There are plenty of opportunities for bushwalking and simply absorbing some of the best coastline and beaches you will ever see.

There are a few “must visit” places in Marion Bay. The Gap is an amazing formation cutting in a 60 metre vertical cliff face formed over thousands of years as the forces of nature have eroded the crumbling cliff into an impressive semi circle. The diving is amazing with a broad array of marine life around the base of the cliff.

If you are into diving, there are around 40 shipwrecks littering the ocean bed around Innes National Park. Watch out for the dolphins in the aptly named Dolphin Bay and make sure you visit the lighthouses at Cape Spencer, West Cape and Peter Island.

The pier provides an opportunity for any keen anglers to get amongst it with the locals and there is plenty of action early morning or later in the evening, especially for squid. You can also fish off the beach with Browns Beach offering some of the best saltwater salmon fishing you will ever experience.

Situated at the bottom of the Yorke Peninsula, Marion Bay gives anglers the opportunity to fish in two gulfs – Spencer or St Vincent.  St Vincent Gulf offers a great experience as it is renowned for its King George Whiting.

The passage between Kangaroo Island, is different again, offering a wide range of fish from the garfish to kingfish and even the odd crayfish (lobster).

There are a number of really good charter operators in the area and they have great local knowledge so they are well worth engaging. The town is also a haven for the many fishing and crayfishing boats in the region, so if you are unsuccessful, see if you can pick up some fish fresh off the boat!

For surfers, there is plenty of action too, with breaks for a wide range of abilities. And then there is the Cutloose Coopers Classic held over the October long weekend each year.

These are some of the best places to surf:

Chinamans – High quality wave, powerful hollow left hander,handles large swells, left hander. Reef, experienced surfers only. (Offshore North).

Pondalowie Bay – Consistent long right hander, handles large swells, sometimes breaks left (better quality when small). Reef/beach, medium experience (Offshore South East to East).

Daily Heads –Quality left hander, handles the biggest swells on the coastline Reef, experienced surfers.

Trespassers – Right hander with nice barrels. Reef, experienced surfers only. (Offshore East).

Salmon Hole –Long right hander, occasional barrel on the suck rock. Watch the rocks on low tide. Reef, medium to experienced surfers. (Offshore North).