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gunlom area

Gunlom Kakadu NT

“Today you’ve come to our country, that’s good. Long ago we Jawoyn lived here. The old people have passed on. It’s okay for you to go around here. You stay maybe two nights, then you go back to your country.”

This is the welcome you receive from Violet Smith of Wurrkbarbar clan, Jawoyn traditional custodian of the area.

This is the real thing. The real Australian outback, land maintained by the original owners for your enjoyment.

The highlight of the area are the walks. There is the Gunlom Lookout Walk, a steep walk leading to the lookout where you will enjoy cool rock pools and views of the southern hills and ridges. It is about 1km long and is graded as difficult although there is a marked track.

Then there is the Murrill Billabong Walk, a flat walk leading to the featured Billabong and  the main pool below the seasonal waterfall.

Beyond Gunlom is Yurmikmik, where you will find a network of walking tracks which take in the plunge pools and wet season waterfalls of the Marrawal Plateau. You will need your bikes to access this.

If you are an angler, watch out for the Rainbow fish which inhabit the Arnhem Land escarpment rock pools.

There is a croc warning in this area – from their website:

Crocodile safety

Park rangers check Gunlom for estuarine (saltwater) crocodiles at the end of each wet season. This pool is closed until rangers have completed surveys and are confident that there are no signs of estuarine (saltwater) crocodiles present. However, be aware that crocodiles can move into this area undetected at any stage. Not all of the rock pools are checked by rangers for crocodiles. You enter the water at your own risk.

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Camping grounds are available in the Gunlom area.