Visit Fraser Island

visit fraser island

Fraser Island is a truly unique place. It’s not only the largest sand island in the world – it’s also the only place where rainforests grow on elevated sand dunes. It’s known for its forty perched lakes, which are lakes formed when rainwater permanently fills depressions in sand dunes. These make up half of this type of lake in the world. This World Heritage-listed island is one that should be experienced.

Ideally you would start this journey at Hervey Bay, which is fifteen-kilometres off the coast of Fraser Island. The reason for this is it’s one of the most reliable places to go whale watching and get up close to humpback whales. Drive to Hervey Bay between July and November, as this is when whales migrate to these waters and use them as calf nurseries. Once you’ve done this, catch a ferry from Fraser Coast for the fifty-minute trip across to Fraser Island.

If you are excited to see wildlife and nature, you are sure to see plenty of it here. Fraser Island is where you’ll find the purest strain of dingoes remaining in Australia. You’ll also see rare types of frogs, parrots and other wild animals – especially at night. The island is also home to crystal-clear freshwater creeks and lakes. Lake McKenzie is filled with mostly rainwater and is surrounded by pure white sand. Lake Wabby is the deepest lake on the island and is perfect to swim in on a warm day. See the many beautiful lakes on a self-guided 4WD journey or join a tour to make the most of your trip.

fraser island

As the largest sand island in the world – 123 kilometres and 22 kilometres wide – there are long stretches of white sand to explore. This is a very popular spot for four-wheel driving; there are even road rules to abide by! Bring a 4WD to the island and drive it with a permit – there is a barge from Fraser Coast to transport your vehicle over. Alternatively, there is an abundance of companies that offer tours or 4WD hire. Be sure to drive to the Maheno Shipwreck, as well as The Pinnacles and Champagne Pools. These are great sights to see and get a picture next to.

You can fit a lot into one day, or you can choose to camp on the island. There are plenty of National Park campsites to stay in. Otherwise, you can easily hop onto the ferry to head back to Fraser Coast. Surrounding places to visit are Hervey Bay, Rainbow Beach and Noosa. Enjoy the year-round subtropical climate and safe, sheltered waters for swimming, snorkelling and sailing. Opt for a campervan for easy access to all the neighbouring beaches, nature and adventure.