Top Tips For Solo Travel


The solo road trip is fast becoming a popular way to experience Australia. Whether you want to take some time and enjoy your own company or are simply keen to stick to your own schedule, hitting the road solo is an incredible and empowering experience.

However, travelling on your own does come with a few extra things to consider. Here are our top tips to help you make the most of hitting the road solo.


Pick the right vehicle for your needs

The first tip is to ensure you’re picking the right vehicle for your needs. If you’re setting off on a shorter trip, hiring a campervan or motorhome is an affordable and convenient way to travel. Most RVs nowadays come equipped with all the amenities you need in a home away from home, including a kitchenette, comfortable bed and dining space and in some cases, an en suite. At Let’s Go Motorhomes, we have a range of campervans and motorhomes that are perfect for solo travellers. Our campervans all feature comfortable beds, dining areas and kitchenettes, while our motorhomes also come with a toilet and shower, which is a handy option if you’re travelling solo. All of our vehicles are also decked out with all the cooking equipment you need while on the road.


Plan, plan and plan

Before you set off, plan out your route. Things like weather and terrain might change where and when you travel. Ensure you factor in driving and rest breaks. With no one to share driving duties with, we recommend having a break every two hours. It is also integral you book your caravan spots well in advance, particularly during peak time, so you always know you have somewhere to stay. If you’re in the need for some destination inspiration, check out our blog.


Take some extra steps to stay safe

One of the key things to remember when you’re travelling alone is to take extra care of your safety. Make sure someone at home always knows your travel plans. Give them an itinerary, and if it changes, ensure you keep them posted. If you’re active on social media, don’t post in real time to avoid anyone else knowing exactly where you are, especially if you’ve advertised you’re travelling solo. Finally – always trust your intuition. If you don’t feel safe somewhere, you can always leave! Don’t forget about vehicle safety as well – ensure you do regular checks of tyres, water levels and make sure you’ve put the antenna down!


Get your driving routine down pat

While one of the best things about solo road trips is the peace and quiet, it can make things a little tricky when there is no one to pass you snacks or follow the maps, so make sure you get your routine down pat before you hit the road. If you’re using your phone’s map, organise a hands-free phone stand, or make sure you have a quality, updated GPS. At Let’s Go, we provide GPS systems at no extra charge. Keep snacks and water in easy reach. While it may be more convenient to fill up on chips and lollies, it is always a good idea to have healthy snacks like protein balls, fruit and muesli bars. Radio and phone service are never guaranteed while on the road, so it’s a good idea to create a few playlists or podcasts and have them downloaded, ready to go.


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