Top Hiking And Walking Trails In Australia


While we love getting behind the wheel and driving to the next destination, it’s also important to get out every once and while, breath in the fresh air, recuperate, and embark on a nice hiking or walking trail. There’s no better adventure than exploring the natural beauty of some of the top hiking and walking trails in Australia, from the Coast Track in New South Wales all the way to the Larapinta Trail in the Northern Territory.

Not a hiker? No worries – these trails have something for everyone. Whether you’re an avid hiker ready to take on the whole track, or a daily wanderer looking to start at any point. Each trail is easy to access with your Let’s Go vehicle!


The Coast Track, New South Wales

Total distance: 26km

Total length: 2 days (approx.)

Starting point: Bundeena

Difficulty: Grade 5

Details: https://www.nationalparks.nsw.gov.au/things-to-do/walking-tracks/the-coast-track


Based in Sydney’s Royal National Park, the Coast Track is a multi-day walk covering 26kms from Bundeena to Otford, and allows you to enjoy incredible coastal lookouts, swimming spots, seasonal wildflowers and whale watching.

The full walk can take around two days and ranges in difficulty, so we would recommend booking a night at the North Era campground in advance as it does fill up quite quickly. For hikers only wanting a day outing, both ends of the trail are easy to access, as well as through multiple points along the way.

Don’t forget to prepare well for the journey! You’ll need to be equipped with all the essential clothing and camping gear, as well as plenty of water, snacks, and sunscreen.


Great Ocean Road Walk, Victoria

Total distance: 100km

Total length: 8 days (approx.)

Starting point: Apollo Bay

Difficulty: Grade 2-4

Details: https://www.parks.vic.gov.au/places-to-see/parks/great-otway-national-park/things-to-do/great-ocean-walk


When you think of Victoria, you think of the Great Ocean Road! But did you know there’s also the Great Ocean Walk, a 100km trail heading east-to-west that begins at Apollo Bay and ends at the Twelve Apostles?

You’ll see forests and coastal heathlands, cross rivers, and creeks, pass above wild-rocky shores and deserted beaches and experience panoramic views from windswept cliff-tops.

What’s great about this walk? There are options for everyone! You can take a tour with a licensed operator, take day trips ranging in difficulty, hike for only 1-3 nights or traverse the full week-long trek!

There are multiple access points on either end or along the way. If you decide to take on the entire length of the walk, prepare well and keep in mind, there aren’t any long-term parking lots available.


Fraser Island Great Walk, Queensland

Total distance: 90km

Total length: 6-8 days (approx.)

Starting point: Dilli Village or Hook Point (adds two days)

Difficulty: Grade 4

Details: https://parks.des.qld.gov.au/parks/great-walks-kgari-fraser


Stretching an incredible distance of 90km through the world’s largest sand island, the K’Gari (Fraser Island) Great Walk is a must.

What’s unique about this trek is that you can choose your starting point depending on how difficult you’d like the walk to be. Beginning at Dilli Village, you can expect a six-day hike through ancient forests, over golden sand dunes and alongside mesmerising blue lakes until you end up at Happy Valley for a meal.

Starting at Hook Point, where the ferry drops you off, adds 25km to the trail. This is not officially part of the Great Walk but is an excellent addition for serious hikers! Those looking for day hikes can drive to access any of the trails and disembark for a few hours spent in nature. You can also opt to stay at Hervey Bay for a day trip down to Fraser Island.


Bibbulmun Track, Western Australia

Total distance: Over 1,000km

Total length: 6-8 weeks

Starting point: Kalamunda

Difficulty: Grade 4

Details: https://www.bibbulmuntrack.org.au/


Ranging over 1,000km from Kalamunda in the Perth Hills to Albany on the South Coast, the Bibbulmun Track caters to everyone and every experience.

From beaches to bushland, mountain and hills, this trail offers a multitude of hikes and experiences that can be taken along different routes, including Pemberton and Denmark. Whether you’re prepared for a multi-day hike, or you’d prefer a day walk, you can see the beauty of the WA wilderness your way.


Heysen Trail, South Australia

Total distance: 1,200 km

Total length: 50-60 Days

Starting point: Cape Jarvis

Difficulty: Grade 4-5

Details: https://heysentrail.asn.au/


Want to explore some of South Australia’s most diverse and breathtaking landscapes? Then the Heysen Trail is the best way to do it! This trail extends over 1,200km through national parks, state forests and tourist destinations, including the Barossa Valley and the stunning Wilpena Pound.

From Cape Jarvis to Parachilna Gorge, there are over 60 trails to choose from. This trail offers single and multi-day hikes, though extensive preparation is highly suggested. Note, the trail does close during the Fire Danger Season (November to December).


Larapinta Trail, Northern Territory

Total distance: 223 km

Total length: 15-16 Days

Starting point: Alice Springs Telegraph Station trailhead

Difficulty: Grade 4

Details: https://www.larapintatrail.com.au/


Broken into 12 sections through the Northern Territory’s rugged landscape, the Larapinta Trail is Australia’s longest dedicated walking trail, winding from Alice Springs all the way to Redbank Gorge.

The track follows vivid local landscapes and winds through native bushland, coastal plains, and towns with historic heritage. From day walks, overnights, multi-days, or end to end, each trail ranges from difficulty and length for all levels of hikers.


Overland Track, Tasmania

Total distance: 65km

Total length: 6 days (approx.)

Starting point: Cradle Mountain

Difficulty: Grade 4

Details: https://parks.tas.gov.au/explore-our-parks/cradle-mountain/overland-track


This iconic alpine 65km walk takes you through the best Tasmania’s wild has to offer. As almost half the track is situated over 1000m above sea-level, the Overland Track is quite demanding physically and mentally, and is not recommended for children under eight years old. Beginning at Cradle Mountain, this trek takes you through part of the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area until your reach Australia’s deepest lake, Lake St Clair.

For those just looking for a taste of the track, there are some day and overnight trips available in the region. Preparation is essential for longer hikes, so ensure you have all the right equipment (75L pack at 18kg max) and have booked in advance, as only 24 walkers are allowed to depart per day.


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