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Exploring your very own backyard and create memories with your loved ones has never been easier with Let’s Go.

Travel in ultimate luxury, style and comfort with our stylish vehicles that feature modern kitchens, A/C and heating, super-comfortable bedding, plush seating and enough room for everyone to relax and unwind as you soak up the best road trips Australia has to offer.

From fresh, clean manchester and kitchen and cooking equipment to bike hire and even your Coles groceries delivered and packed away in your vehicle, we’ve got everything covered so you don’t have to lift a finger! All you need to bring are your loved ones, personal belongings and a sense of fun and adventure.  

Booking is so easy!

These vehicles are available on a first come, first serve basis. Request to book a vehicle by contacting our Reservations team today on:

Phone 1800 LETS GO (538 746) or reservations@letsgomotorhomes.com 

Vehicle Collection branch Return branch Available Return date Booking code
4B Royale Adelaide Adelaide 12/10/2020 Open A4R
3B HiTop Brisbane Brisbane 14/10/2020 Open B3HT
3B Wanderer Brisbane Brisbane 7/10/2020 Open BW
3B Cruiser Brisbane Brisbane 7/10/2020 Open BC
4B Motorhome Brisbane Brisbane 8/10/2020 14/10/2020 B4B
6B Motorhome Brisbane Brisbane 8/10/2020 Open B6B
2B HiTop Cairns Cairns 8/10/2020 Open C2HT
3B HiTop Cairns Cairns 01/10/2020 Open C3HT
3B Wanderer Deluxe Cairns Cairns 6/10/2020 Open CWD
2B Voyager Cairns Cairns 8/10/2020 Open C2V
2B Voyager Deluxe Cairns Cairns 14/10/2020 Open CVD
6B Motorhome Cairns Cairns 6/10/2020 Open C6B
3B HiTop Darwin Darwin 14/10/2020 Open D3BHT
3B Escape Darwin Darwin 5/10/2020 Open D3E
6B Motorhome Darwin Darwin 7/10/2020 Open D6B
2B HiTop Perth Perth 8/10/2020 Open P2HT
3B HiTop Perth Perth 8/10/2020 Open P3HT
6B Motorhome Sydney Sydney 1/10/2020 Open S6B


Terms and conditions
*Must be booked directly with Let's Go Motorhomes.
*Subject to vehicle availability at the time of booking.
*Minimum hire periods between cities may apply.




Min: 5 | Max: 18


Partly Cloudy

Min: 13 | Max: 21


Partly Cloudy

Min: 9 | Max: 17


Partly Cloudy

Min: 14 | Max: 17


Partly Cloudy

Min: 7 | Max: 15


Partly Cloudy

Min: 15 | Max: 21



Min: 24 | Max: 35



Min: 15 | Max: 25


Chance of Rain

Min: 23 | Max: 26


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