Caravan park camping etiquette


Whether you’re a first-time camper or a seasoned traveller, we all know that there is a certain level of etiquette expected in a caravan park. No one wants to be ‘that camper’ that everyone around them complains about.

From being mindful about noise, to ensuring you’re sharing the communal barbeques, here are five of the top rules when it comes to caravan park etiquette.


1.Always be considerate of your surrounds
This isn’t just about being mindful of your neighbours – make sure you’re considerate of wildlife, flora and fauna within the caravan park. You are a visitor to their home after all. Make sure to avoid feeding or patting wildlife (especially seagulls!) and always leave the campsite in the same condition you found it – free of rubbish and any unwanted mess that animals might accidentally consume.     


2. Get to know your neighbours

While this isn’t etiquette as such, it is always handy to get to know your neighbours – you never know when you might need a helping hand to set up your campsite or to borrow a cooking essential. Plus, often campsite neighbours are a great resource when it comes to things to do and see in the area.


 3. Respect the caravan park rules

Each caravan park will usually have its own list of rules – things like speed limits, shower time limits, times where laundries and loos are closed for cleaning, and specific requirements for communal areas. Always be respectful and mindful of the rules in your caravan park, and please don’t be the camper who uses the communal barbeque at the same time every single night! The best part about hiring a vehicle with Let’s Go? Each of our larger vehicles come equipped with a shower and toilet which means there is no need to battle with other campers for precious bathroom time.


4. Stick to your own space
There is nothing worse than pulling up to your allocated site only to realise your neighbours are using half of it as their outdoor dining area, or they’ve stashed all of their hoses exactly where you want to park. This rule also extends to walking through other traveller’s sites – no one cares if it is a short cut to the toilet block, it is terrible etiquette to cut through another camper’s area.


 5. Be mindful of volume – whether this is music, TV or noisy conversations

Caravan parks are a social space. You have families travelling together, friends and couples enjoying time away. However, all of this can lead to a lot of noise – think late night music and TV’s blaring early in the morning – which can be one of the most annoying parts of a holiday. To avoid visits from angry neighbours or park staff, be sure to keep all noise to a minimum, particularly at night time where noise tends to travel further. Most caravan parks have their own noise curfew; however, it is best to stick to the universal rule of 10pm – 6am to be safe.


Got the etiquette down pat and ready to book your next caravan park holiday? We can help! Get in touch with our friendly team now.


image credit: IG/boyeatsworld