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Let's Go Motorhomes Launch | Press Release

Media Release

28 November 2016

Let’s Go Innovation
Emerging motor home rental market leader to deliver new ways to ‘explore like never before’
Jayco backs ‘Let’s Go Motorhomes’ expansion

Australian recreational vehicle (RV) market leader, Jayco Group announced today that it had completed the rebranding of its recently acquired business, the premium motorhome rental company Around Australia Motorhomes, launching it into the Australian market as Let’s Go Motorhomes.

In announcing the news, Let’s Go Motorhomes Managing Director Michael Ryan noted that the motorhome rental market in Australia is ripe for product and services innovation with opportunity to attract both domestic and global customers. Let’s Go Motorhomes would maximize synergies from its commercial relationship with Jayco which itself has been an innovation leader growing its share of the RV market to almost 50% in 2015.

“We believe there is both strong demand and enormous potential for growth in the rental sector of the motorhomes market – travellers of all ages want to experience the wonders of Australia including rapidly emerging sectors such as young families seeking self-drive journeys and adventures at home - together with international visitors who want to see the wonders of Australia from a motorhome,” said Mr Ryan.

The high quality Let’s Go fleet is comprised of new, modern fleet four and six berth Jayco motorhomes, HiTop Campervans, and the new two-berth Renault Motorhome. It offers outstanding quality combined with access to maintenance and repairs support, two key benefits in the motorhomes rental market.

“Let’s Go is working closely with Jayco to develop some exciting new products that have not been seen in the rental market before,” said Mr Ryan. “The brand promise of Let’s Go Motorhomes is focused on striving to make the user experience a stress free and unforgettable adventure from start to finish.”

A further aspect of the Let’s Go rental capacity and the backing offered by the Jayco repairer network is the strategic working relationship between Let’s Go Motorhomes and Jayco who are working closely together to develop a better equipped rental fleet. This is supported by streamlined and user-friendly Internet bookings, the Let’s Go website, its engaging branding, and its friendly service.

“I am pleased to report that Let’s Go Motorhomes is currently expanding its fleet and also depot locations. We are located in every major capital city except Tasmania so we will shortly be adding Hobart with other strategic regional locations to come on stream in the future,” said Mr Ryan. In addition to accessing the Jayco product, Let’s Go Motorhomes offers access to the extensive Jayco Repairer Network. This means for holidaymakers, help is only as far away as their local Jayco Repairer – a national network of service providers that is unique in the motorhome rental market.

In a further innovation, Let’s Go Motorhomes also announced an exclusive partnership with Coles Supermarkets through the Coles Online Shopping business. The JV will enable customers to order their holiday groceries online and have them delivered to their pick up depot, where Let’s Go staff will pack them into their motorhome ready for departure.


About Let’s Go Motorhomes

Let’s Go Motorhomes is all about service and an enhanced customer experience. The Company is committed to helping people have incredible holidays.

Let’s Go Motorhomes is developing into a leading motorhome and campervan rental company, with vehicles to suit all types of travellers and all kinds of journeys and adventures. Its mission is to ‘go the extra mile to make sure your road trip delivers the best experience possible’.

With Let’s Go depots in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Cairns, Adelaide, Perth Coffs Harbour and Darwin – with Hobart to be added soon - the new fleet of motorhomes and campervans are conveniently located from holiday start to finish.



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